Sunday, December 07, 2008

New Album, New split-Cassette+ Live Videos

Hey folks,

this past 6 months have been spent writing, playing and working as hard as I can. There's been alot of great times and alot of horrible, exhausting times but this year is closing it's door on us and that feels alright.

Thought I'd post some info on the new release "Great Blood", out now on Hwem.

Lst time I checked, there weren't any info on the release up yet on the page but I assure you, it's released...I've seen it with my own two eyes.

Tracklist for "Great Blood"

1. Burntitled
2. Part Animale
3. Waltzing Sara
4. Sticking To What Guns
5. Snake Eyes Watching You
6. Left Eyed
7. Evacuation Fee
8. Great Blood

I've also been playing a few live-shows lately. Two shows at Röda Sten in Gothenburg, one at Sugar Bar in Stockholm (the releaseparty for great blood) and one at Noiseclub in Jönköping. There's some footage available on youtube and belowfrom some of the shows.

There's also a split-livecassette out on klorofyll tapes, I think. Well it's out there, can't find any info on it anywhere myself. Might be available through Release The Bats. Have a look, I'm not sure.



All footage by David Sjöberg. It's pretty dark but you get to hear pretty ok what's happening. All loops and acoustic/electronic instruments.