Monday, April 17, 2006

touring as it should be

long time since last post but hey, I've been busy.

Leaving for a new tour of europe with my band scraps of tape next monday and expectations are higher than usually. Since Hanna, our violin-player, quit the band to pursue a career as a hairdresser we've been hard at work on new material and
rearranging old stuff for 4-piece action. The stuff sounds great and we're really pushing ourselves nowadays. Creating harsher, softer, more distorted, more beautiful music than we've ever done. The feeling of a fucking wall of distortion falling over you as you push the pedals simultaneously together right after a quiet quiet second beats anything...anything I tell you.

The new album will also be recorded in June, with Mattias Oldén of Logh fame behind the steering wheel. I think it'll be really nice. I really like his work on both Logh and Swithblade but the new Once We Were album which he produced...holy mother of's probably one of the best albums ever recorded. take my word for it...

more to come, more to come...