Friday, January 26, 2007


This Sunday I'll be performing live at Metro in Malmö as Tsukimono.
Also playing is that always brightest shining star, Viktor Sjöberg.

I've also got a new limited cd-r up for grabs, which was recorded during preparations for this show.
It's entitled "Please" and contains three tracks of blistering drone-beauty.

1. Beating wings
2. Field Holler
3. Hat Out Of Bell

28.6 Minutes

To order a copy just send me an e-mail: timecanvas ( at )

The show is free for all so there's really no excuse to not go. See you there.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First GREAT news of 2007

Well, I've been getting a bit slow when it comes to keeping up with
what's happening with some of my favourite bands lately (the new tragedy-lp for example),
so it was with great happiness I found out that DO MAKE SAY THINK has a new album coming
out on february 12th! It's entitled "You, You're A History In Rust" and according to Constellation
it consists of...
"...acoustic fingerpicked guitars are the recurring compositional anchor, with drums and percussion fluttering around these campfire themes while horns and electric guitars gather in swarms. The songs on You, You’re A History In Rust develop like moths drawn to a flame, instruments tracing erratic circles around a flickering, elusive centre."

It also features a song wich "...features full-on verse-chorus-verse singing that builds towards lovely massed vocals before breaking down again into a beautiful modal horn denouement. "

I'm really looking forward to getting a hold of this as it most certainly will continue to prove DMST as one of my absolute favourite bands.

tracklist for "You, You're A History In Rust"

1. Bound To Be That Way
2. A With Living
3. The Universe!
4. A Tender History In Rust
5. Herstory Of Glory
6. You, You’re Awesome
7. Executioner Blues
8. In Mind