Friday, August 01, 2008

the long silence

Hey. I guess noone reads here very often since I'm real slow on the updates, but I thought I'd publish something anyhooo...

This year has been spent partly on the road, partly with my nose in books and mainly w/ my head wrapped around various other projects than tsukimono. There's still some releases coming, the "Heart Attack Money"-fullength (long in the making but very soon finished) and a 2X12" version of "Time Canvas" + perhaps some other stuff too...we'll see when we get there.

We're heading into the studio with Scraps Of Tape to record our yet untitled third fullength in 2 weeks. We're recording with the good ol' captain Oldén who made us sound alright on "This Is A Copy Is This A Copy". 2 weeks with fighting, arguing, creating, sleeping and drinking is expected. Various things this coming week will probably make alot of difference to what the hell this will amount to.
We played at the Festival L*Abore in Hauptmannsgrün last weekend and it was awesome to play, less awesome to hang around all day and not being informed that our show-time was pushed forward about 1 1/2 hour or something. Also less awesome was to miss Audrey live since we soundchecked at that time. But all in all, a great weekend.

(I'm the 2nd drummer and the 1st guitar)
Also played in Malmö for (basically) the first time in about 2 years, at an excellent It's A Trap clubnight, together with the great Last Days Of April. There was tons of people there and we had one of the greatest evenings in the history of the band in my opinion.

(Drunken Scraps Of Tape Logo Light Painting)

(we're real bad-asses...)
We have a ep coming out on MSR productions w/ my punk/hardcore-band The Eight Arms Around You later this year, and possibly a fullength somewhere along the line too. We've been writing alot of new stuff since the recording of the ep and frankly, the new stuff is eons better than the ep but that's the way it is...the new stuff rules. Listen to some of the ep on myspace.

A bunch of other stuff awaits. Neil Young live, Sonic Youth Live, The Sonics Live, Flaming Lips and more more more...

I hope thing's will look up soon, shit's heavy right now.

oh and I cut my beard of. I miss it.