Thursday, September 13, 2007


Van Venue Hotel (The Scrum Diaries)
Recorded wile on tour with Scraps of Tape using a Macbook Pro, a Zoom H4, Reaktor 5 & Sound Studio.
All sounds recorded or created in Japan between 17th and 28th of June 2007.
Dedicated to Sara Winther, Brandon, Brian & Mike, Kono, Marcus, Micke, Kenta & Harry Krook. Thanks to Avi.

01. Osaka drop
02. Nagoya rocknroll
03. Tokyo OEast
04. Kyoto whoopees

A little something I recorded in Japan while on tour with scraps of tape is being released on the fabulous It's A Trap website.

Go get it for free here.

"There's a brand new netrelease today from Tsukimono, so I'm posting the lead track "Osaka drop" as today's mp3 download. For those unaware, Tsukimono is the musical alias of Johan Gustavsson, a prolific Göteborg-based artist who you might also know from his work with Scraps of Tape, Viktor Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble, The Colour Black or one his many, many other collaborative projects. This four-track EP is a perfect netrelease candidate as it is a highly conceptual work - every sound you hear originated as a field recording that was captured during SoT's recent Japanese tour in June. Johan then took the sounds and manipulated them, thus creating the work you hear today. All of this done while still on tour. The result resembles drone/ambient music, but never quite settles into anything resembling wallpaper due to natural sound source and glitchy editing. I am proud to offer this as my latest IAT.MP3 release and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And to Johan who is sick in bed today: feel better! Much"

It's been a bad week. Sick since monday. I hope you all are well.


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