Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

New Album, New split-Cassette+ Live Videos

Hey folks,

this past 6 months have been spent writing, playing and working as hard as I can. There's been alot of great times and alot of horrible, exhausting times but this year is closing it's door on us and that feels alright.

Thought I'd post some info on the new release "Great Blood", out now on Hwem.

Lst time I checked, there weren't any info on the release up yet on the page but I assure you, it's released...I've seen it with my own two eyes.

Tracklist for "Great Blood"

1. Burntitled
2. Part Animale
3. Waltzing Sara
4. Sticking To What Guns
5. Snake Eyes Watching You
6. Left Eyed
7. Evacuation Fee
8. Great Blood

I've also been playing a few live-shows lately. Two shows at Röda Sten in Gothenburg, one at Sugar Bar in Stockholm (the releaseparty for great blood) and one at Noiseclub in Jönköping. There's some footage available on youtube and belowfrom some of the shows.

There's also a split-livecassette out on klorofyll tapes, I think. Well it's out there, can't find any info on it anywhere myself. Might be available through Release The Bats. Have a look, I'm not sure.



All footage by David Sjöberg. It's pretty dark but you get to hear pretty ok what's happening. All loops and acoustic/electronic instruments.


Friday, August 01, 2008

the long silence

Hey. I guess noone reads here very often since I'm real slow on the updates, but I thought I'd publish something anyhooo...

This year has been spent partly on the road, partly with my nose in books and mainly w/ my head wrapped around various other projects than tsukimono. There's still some releases coming, the "Heart Attack Money"-fullength (long in the making but very soon finished) and a 2X12" version of "Time Canvas" + perhaps some other stuff too...we'll see when we get there.

We're heading into the studio with Scraps Of Tape to record our yet untitled third fullength in 2 weeks. We're recording with the good ol' captain Oldén who made us sound alright on "This Is A Copy Is This A Copy". 2 weeks with fighting, arguing, creating, sleeping and drinking is expected. Various things this coming week will probably make alot of difference to what the hell this will amount to.
We played at the Festival L*Abore in Hauptmannsgrün last weekend and it was awesome to play, less awesome to hang around all day and not being informed that our show-time was pushed forward about 1 1/2 hour or something. Also less awesome was to miss Audrey live since we soundchecked at that time. But all in all, a great weekend.

(I'm the 2nd drummer and the 1st guitar)
Also played in Malmö for (basically) the first time in about 2 years, at an excellent It's A Trap clubnight, together with the great Last Days Of April. There was tons of people there and we had one of the greatest evenings in the history of the band in my opinion.

(Drunken Scraps Of Tape Logo Light Painting)

(we're real bad-asses...)
We have a ep coming out on MSR productions w/ my punk/hardcore-band The Eight Arms Around You later this year, and possibly a fullength somewhere along the line too. We've been writing alot of new stuff since the recording of the ep and frankly, the new stuff is eons better than the ep but that's the way it is...the new stuff rules. Listen to some of the ep on myspace.

A bunch of other stuff awaits. Neil Young live, Sonic Youth Live, The Sonics Live, Flaming Lips and more more more...

I hope thing's will look up soon, shit's heavy right now.

oh and I cut my beard of. I miss it.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 New Releases!

December began and I did a gig at galleri BellmanLarssonLindströmNord here in Gothenburg together with the amazing Olle Huge, who provided fantastic visuals.

Be sure to check out his amazing works!

This was part of BellmanLarssonLindströmNord's annual "living christmas calendar", and
this was the 4th year in a row (I think) they arranged this. An amazing feat in a month
that already is the most busy month of the whole year.

There is a videodocumentation here, which also is a promo for one of the two new releases that came out that day.

And here´s a longer version that focuses on the performance.

Here they both are:

Tsukimono - Red Red Wine

Structures Sonores: Personal Work.

Personal Work#1: Tsukimono - "Red, red wine" (Box set including 3" CD, postcard, essay, wine glass and bottle of red wine.)

You can buy your own copy through viktorsjoberg at gmail dot com.

This box has been a little dream of mine and Viktor's for alittle while now and I'm just so grateful that it finally happened. Thank you viktor!!

Tsukimono - "Imagine The Composer"

Tsukimono is Johan Gustavsson and is also a member of Scraps Of Tape, Alina and many more. As Tsukimono he has released zillions of records, and Hockey Rawk is proud to release "Imagine The Composer". It is a much harsher and heavier side to Tsukimono. It has previously been released as a MP3-only release, but now it's avaliable as a CD. The
record contains six songs that sounds like heavy grey rain, sleeping on a moving train and dreaming in a pipe. As an extra bonus you will get a poster with two collages by the nice people at Hockey Rawk.

Tracklist: 1.Psaltars 2.Smoke Sings 3.Whitened 4.Hawkeyed 5.Ending Received 6.Voice Follows Voice

You can get a hold of a copy through the friendly people at hockey-rawk!

I.T.C has been sitting around ready for quite a while now and it's awesome to finally have it released. And Hockey-Rawk has been one of the most interesting little labels/collectives operating in Sweden the last couple of years and I'm super-proud to have my album out on H-R!

Be sure to check out the rest of the Hockey-Rawk releases. It's amazing stuff!!

Happy holidays everyone. All love.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

November Reign

Been reading alot lately, getting some "books-I-must-read" crossed of my list like "Heart Of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad, "Doctor Glas" by Hjalmar Söderberg and "Gentlemen" and "Gangsters" by Klas Östergren.
I've also been rereading "A day in the life of Ivan Denisovitj" by Aleksandr Solzjenitsyn, Noise Water Meat by Douglas Kahn, "Treasure Island", "Moby Dick", "Typee" and "Billy Budd" by Herman Melville amongst others...but most of all I've been soaking in the amazing works of Fritiof Nilsson Piraten.

Born Nils Fritiof Adam Nilsson, on the 4th of december 1895 in Vollsjö in the south of Sweden, he were to become known as "Skrönans mästare" ("the Master of tall stories") and is most famous for his debut "Bombi Bitt and Me". I'm not sure if he ever was translated to any other language.

His stories have an amazing style to them and I get thrown years back into my childhood while reading them, even though it's quite before my time. I used to listen to an audiobook recording of Hans Alfredsson reading Bombi Bitt on cassette alot when I was small and I recently realised that alot of phrases and words that I use come from these tapes and stories.

On his gravestone it is printed: "Här under är askan av en man som hade vanan att skjuta allt till morgondagen. Dock bättrades han på sitt yttersta och dog verkligen den 31 januari 1972."

Basically: "Here lies the ashes of a man who had a habit of leaving everything to the next day. Though upon his death bed he reformed and DID die on the 31th of January 1972.)

The translation ins't 100% but fair enough.

Well, if you're interested in hearing or reading these stories you can find them over at

I warmly recommend it!

I also sent a few masters away for pressing the last couple of weeks. 2 fullengths and a 7" is in the making. More on that later.

This dude is back in town. God Bless.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Bat Heads Roll" - Cassette Tape

I've released my first tape as tsukimono, on one of the most astounding and interesting swedish labels at the moment RELEASE THE BATS. It's A-side is a live-recording of a gig
I did at the RTB-Headquarters earlier this summer, and the B-side is a analogue synth/drone/noise-piece also recorded this year that I'm pretty fond of.

Tsukimono is the moniker of Johan Gustavsson, originally from the southern parts of Sweden but now residing in Gothenburg. Bat Heads Roll consists of two completely different pieces. The A-side is a live recording of a event that took place in the RTB livingroom 31/8-2007. We celebrated the last day of the summer and Tsukimono played a beautiful set in front of a crowd of maybe 25 people. Mainly driven by an analogue synth, Tsukimono used his whole palette and created something truly amazing this evening. Everything ends with a bang, and the last minute or so was unfortunately not caught on tape (play it LOUD and the abrupt ending will serve as a release from the harsh and abrassive last minute). A 28 minute journey into the realms of punk ambience and the eclectic Gothenburg scene of 2007. The B-side consists of a 19 minute long piece recorded the first week in October, monotonous and heavy synth drone and very different from the live recording in many ways. Fans of acts like Hive Mind and Emaciator should enjoy this. Limited to 50 tapes, screenprinted covers with artwork by Martin Helge. Pick this up and be sure to check out Tsukimonos other fine releases on labels such as Kallligrammofon and Kning Disk.

Side A: Bat Heads Roll at RTB (27:56)
Side B: Cloudness (19:08)

50 tapes made.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Van Venue Hotel (The Scrum Diaries)
Recorded wile on tour with Scraps of Tape using a Macbook Pro, a Zoom H4, Reaktor 5 & Sound Studio.
All sounds recorded or created in Japan between 17th and 28th of June 2007.
Dedicated to Sara Winther, Brandon, Brian & Mike, Kono, Marcus, Micke, Kenta & Harry Krook. Thanks to Avi.

01. Osaka drop
02. Nagoya rocknroll
03. Tokyo OEast
04. Kyoto whoopees

A little something I recorded in Japan while on tour with scraps of tape is being released on the fabulous It's A Trap website.

Go get it for free here.

"There's a brand new netrelease today from Tsukimono, so I'm posting the lead track "Osaka drop" as today's mp3 download. For those unaware, Tsukimono is the musical alias of Johan Gustavsson, a prolific Göteborg-based artist who you might also know from his work with Scraps of Tape, Viktor Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble, The Colour Black or one his many, many other collaborative projects. This four-track EP is a perfect netrelease candidate as it is a highly conceptual work - every sound you hear originated as a field recording that was captured during SoT's recent Japanese tour in June. Johan then took the sounds and manipulated them, thus creating the work you hear today. All of this done while still on tour. The result resembles drone/ambient music, but never quite settles into anything resembling wallpaper due to natural sound source and glitchy editing. I am proud to offer this as my latest IAT.MP3 release and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And to Johan who is sick in bed today: feel better! Much"

It's been a bad week. Sick since monday. I hope you all are well.