Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 New Releases!

December began and I did a gig at galleri BellmanLarssonLindstr├ÂmNord here in Gothenburg together with the amazing Olle Huge, who provided fantastic visuals.

Be sure to check out his amazing works!

This was part of BellmanLarssonLindstr├ÂmNord's annual "living christmas calendar", and
this was the 4th year in a row (I think) they arranged this. An amazing feat in a month
that already is the most busy month of the whole year.

There is a videodocumentation here, which also is a promo for one of the two new releases that came out that day.

And here┬┤s a longer version that focuses on the performance.

Here they both are:

Tsukimono - Red Red Wine

Structures Sonores: Personal Work.

Personal Work#1: Tsukimono - "Red, red wine" (Box set including 3" CD, postcard, essay, wine glass and bottle of red wine.)

You can buy your own copy through viktorsjoberg at gmail dot com.

This box has been a little dream of mine and Viktor's for alittle while now and I'm just so grateful that it finally happened. Thank you viktor!!

Tsukimono - "Imagine The Composer"

Tsukimono is Johan Gustavsson and is also a member of Scraps Of Tape, Alina and many more. As Tsukimono he has released zillions of records, and Hockey Rawk is proud to release "Imagine The Composer". It is a much harsher and heavier side to Tsukimono. It has previously been released as a MP3-only release, but now it's avaliable as a CD. The
record contains six songs that sounds like heavy grey rain, sleeping on a moving train and dreaming in a pipe. As an extra bonus you will get a poster with two collages by the nice people at Hockey Rawk.

Tracklist: 1.Psaltars 2.Smoke Sings 3.Whitened 4.Hawkeyed 5.Ending Received 6.Voice Follows Voice

You can get a hold of a copy through the friendly people at hockey-rawk!

I.T.C has been sitting around ready for quite a while now and it's awesome to finally have it released. And Hockey-Rawk has been one of the most interesting little labels/collectives operating in Sweden the last couple of years and I'm super-proud to have my album out on H-R!

Be sure to check out the rest of the Hockey-Rawk releases. It's amazing stuff!!

Happy holidays everyone. All love.