Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Full Pull '06

The Full Pull-festival happened last weekend and it was a weird one. The saturday was a strange mix between
complete euphoric success and complete hopelessness and sense of failure. Might be some alcohol mixed in there btw...

The best show I must say was probably the drumdrone that Mathias Kristersson conjured with the help of 15 drummers. approximatley 10-15mins of 16 drummer pounding away as much/hard as they could was astonishing and supremely intense.
Couldn't help but think that he could have tried to explore it some more. Someone told me that the idea was to come as close to creating white noise as possible but to have seen all of them pounding on the cymbals or the snare would've been crazy!!

Another thing that really got to me was Boris Hoppeks visuals for Ljudbilden & Piloten (which was really really good but not his best) & Lisa Nordström. Boris has got one amazing eye for finding beautiful and weird images. The human dog was especially amazing!!

It's hard to concentrate on other shows when you're playing yourself, let alone when yr playing twice in one evening but other shows that stood out was:

Ronnie Sundin: Visually really nice and musically unexpected.
Sekvens: I've never seen anyone be aggressive with a melodica before.
Alvars Orkester: Fucking LOUD!
Jon Eriksen: Amazing as always but a bit too long.
MEC: What little I saw of it was sooo good.

I also missed alot of good stuff because of playing and shows overlapping, but most of all it was nice to meet alot of people that I do not meet that often.

The sunday at ljudkullen was also very nice, tho it is a place where you easily get bored. Catched the last minutes of MINIT which was really nice. It was the first time in awhile that fennesz-like grainglitchcutups didn't put me to sleep.

Ekkehard Ehlers sat in the middle of ljudkullen, clad in black and coaxed amazing music from his laptop in his knee. Almost doublebent over it with an occasional cigarette between his lips was strangely ok to look at for about 1 hour. I really liked his set and I really admire the way he made the music move all the time. No standstills here. Probably the best concert of the festival.

No camera sorry. thanks jacob, it enjoyed it immensly. and thank you viktor. you make my heart break.