Tuesday, July 18, 2006

all that jazz...

Viktor Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble. badass recording from Forma Nova-Festival coming up somehow, somewhere.
The Jazz Is Saved.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The BEST band in the world...

There's only one band in the whole world from who's music I get goosebumps
every single time I listen to it. This band is a band called ONCE WE WERE.

Consisting of only three persons, Erik, Per and Ulf, Oww create music that never
tries to force itself on you, never tries to outshine any other music, never tries to
take over a room and never tries to be anything else than exactly what it is.
Still it is music that always grips me, always makes my hair stand on end, makes me
loose myself in the middle of a sentence and stare into nothingness just listening.

Oww has an uncanny ability to not play a single note too much or too little. They seem
to have a greater understanding of music and composition than anyone I know, I sure know I'd
fucking kill to create the way they do.

Now to be fair, they are friends of mine BUT we weren't friends before I got to know their music,
and I must confess that the first time I ever heard them I weren't that impressed. Slowly tho, i realised
that I put their ep "winter kept us warm" on more often than I did other albums at the time and I ended up listening to
solely this ep for two weeks straight! I've also had the extreme pleasure of touring with them two times and also
had a small adventure with Ulf last year including calling him asking him to go on tour at 19:00 one evening and leaving
for said 2 week tour the morning after!

Now their first fullength is almost completely done and will be released sometime this fall. From what I've heard from it this far, I'm afraid I'll have to lock away the rest of my musical cd's+instruments and really think about if we need any other
music than Once We Were's anymore. A sneakpeak in the form of the song "Cut Corners" is availabe over at -> http://www.thesilentballet.com/

Nuf said. The best fucking band in the world. Thank you guys!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

the alarm is out....

conduo orchestra

"Conduo Orchestra are Astrid, Hakoton, Johan and Kristofer. Recorded in Malmö with love+rhythm.
this is karini #7. elefantkvinnan editions 2006."

Comes complete with linernotes written by Minnie Monnie.

To order, get in touch with elefantkvinnan@gmail.com