Thursday, March 22, 2007

Scraps Of Tour-diary!

We've started a tourdiary with Scraps Of Tape, check in and look what's going on.
We'll try to update it as often as possible with pics and thoughts and whatnot...


Scraps Of Tour-diary!

We've started a tourdiary with Scraps Of Tape, check in and look what's going on.
We'll try to update it as often as possible with pics and thoughts and whatnot...


Friday, March 16, 2007


It's soon been almost 11 months since we last hit the road with my band Scraps Of Tape and finally we're off again. Next wednesday we leave for what will be our longest tour ever and it feels great.
I hope you will take some time to come and see us play, I just might do some tsukimono-gigs also if there is time and possibility.

So if I'm not too quick to reply mails and stuff, this is why...

See you on the road. Take Care!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Finally my "Time Canvas" album will be released. It's been sitting finished in my archives since a while back now, just waiting to be released and now it's time.

Keep a lookout at Kning Disk for the releasedate.

Time Canvas

cd-r (Limited edition of 100 copies)
Release date: March 15, 2007
Price: 11 eur / 100 sek
Order from:

01. Blown away
02. Train home, home
03. Cello
04. Growing like a cancer within
05. When I vibrate it hard

Tsukimono is a japanese sounding moniker used by Swedish artist Johan Gustavsson. Gustavsson has been releasing music as Tsukimono since
2002, a fact that might come as a surprise considering his impressive discography. Johan Gustavsson has through his releases on labels such as Garmonbozia and Fukk God Let's Create established himself as an artist continuously moving forward, using a wide range of techniques
such as computer processing, mixing desk feedback and the astonishing guitar work that listeners has come to associate with Tsukimono.

His debut album "Née", released in 2006 by Swedish label Kalligrammofon, displayed the work of an artist that had refined his craft and defined his own universe trough picking up on all the leads that previous releases had hinted at.

Gustavsson has never been one to stay in the same place for very long and his latest offering, "Time Canvas", proves that he is determined
to keep moving. Morton Feldman called his own score-sheet a time canvas. This specific canvas was painted with long, sparse brush strokes. With each track built from samples of one specific
instrument, Gustavsson layers cello, clarinet and trumpet building an organic structure using electronic means. Incredible beauty.

/Viktor Sjöberg

"Time Canvas" was a big step in my development as a (solo-)musician.
Up until this recording my music as tsukimono had been steeped in vst-effects & plugins, and I was quickly tiring of it. I decided to strip my computer of almost
everything except a simple sampling/sequencing program and started working on a few
new pieces where I zoomed in on a single instrument/soundsource to see
what I could get out of it using only raw, untreated samples (save some pitchshifting). During this time I was spending up to 2 hours or more each day commuting between home & school and the breathers I got while on the trains proved a perfect time to work on this new music. To shut out all the everyday noise and stress and to focus solely on these samples/pieces made me feel calm and soothed.
Thanks to the people who's "playing" on the album, Emelie Molin, Kristofer Ström and Erik Levander. Thanks for lending your breath and time.
/Johan Gustavsson

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Nice Words+More Music+More Acktion

Scraps Of Tape has been getting some really nice attention over at the excellent webzine The Silent Ballet.

Our new album "This is a copy..." was chosen release of the month and there's also a really nice review.

In a few hours me and fellow kalligrammofon-champions Viktor Sjöberg & Gustav Rosengren will sit our asses down in my trusty old car, crank up Hex Enduction Hour and rip down to Malmö were we will perform with Alina today. Also playing is the excellent Ill Ease which I had the pleasure of seeing last saturday. Awesome show and for once real happiness and connection between performer and crowd. Looking forward to it alot!!!

Also been producing some new material for the second FIELD HOLLER-cdr this year(the first being "Please"), and this will see the light of day as soon as I have enough material and feel that it should be out.

My "Imagine The Composer" release (which has been delayed again due to various circumstances) will be released on cd-r with a brand new cover by the good people over at Hockey-Rawk later this spring.
A track from this release will also appear on a new noise-compilation cassette also released by H-R and I'm also appearing on it with my band Ourrefusalisourweaponlet'sfight.

More info on all that later but go over there right now and have a look at their awesome collages and other releases.