Saturday, November 04, 2006


Hey everybody...
Just thought I'd add my discography here too, so y'all can keep up!

Note a few new upcoming releases! Also the scraps album is nearly'll be awesome.

take care!

picture by viktor sjöberg, the one and only visionairé extraordinairé.

Some Sort of Discography:

Tsukimono - One Million Birds In The Sky ( cd-r release on garmonbozia productions) 2002
Tsukimono - Erie Railroad Near Port Lewis.( mp3-release on ) 2003
Tsukimono - The back is a collection of busted static ( mp3-release on ) 2003
Tsukimono - Sketches 6 - 27 ( cdr-release on Mechanized Mind ) 2003
Tsukimono - Your Son-shine ( self-released cd-r limited to 100 copies, all with individual covers drawn by Johan ) 2003
Tsukimono - What note, whos note? ( cd-r release on Heyyoufuckingman!, all handmade covers ) 2004
Tsukimono - Heart & Strings ( selfreleased cd-r , this far 10 copies on 10 different Oil-canvases by johan gustavsson ) 2005
Tsukimono - Two heartbeats slower than one/Two hearts beats slower than one ( 3" Gallery Edition on Kning Disk 2006 limited edition of 8 ) 2006
Tsukimono - What note, whos note? ( cd-r rerelease on w/ 1 bonustrack) 2006
Tsukimono - Née ( Fullength cd on kalligrammofon ) 2006
Tsukimono - Études (mp3 ep on Komplott) 2006

Compilations & Single Tracks:
Tsukimono - Punked Up Fuck Attitude ( track on the iDEAL Electronics compilation on iDEAL Recordings ) 2003
Tsukimono - With Corpse Paint On ( track on the send/re : compilation on Robotriot ) 2004
Tsukimono - Small Is Beautiful(For E.F. Schumacher) ( Track on Rojo.Taschan.Nosordo compilation ) 2005
Tsukimono - Simple Sentences But Difficult Words ( track on Tribute To John Peel Tribute..5 ) 2006
Tsukimono - Gloomy Sunday ( track on Famous For 15 Mb website ) 2006
Tsukimono - Sing It To Me, Sing It Like You Sang It To Me ( track on summer gate.sun made of gave compilation on Luvsound ) 2006

Tsukimono - Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance!! ( 7" on kalligrammofon/ladygodivaoperations ) 2005
Tsukimono - Time Canvas ( Fullength cd/cdr on Kning Disk ) 2006
Tsukimono - The Stone I Have Become (track on upcoming compilation on structures sonores) 2006
Tsukimono - Imagine The Composer (cdr/mp3 ep on GlitchPunkYouth) 2006
Tsukimono - Red Red Wine (cd-r on Structures Sonores) 2006
Tsukimono - Heart Attack Money (Fullength cd/cdr on kalligrammofon) 2007

Other solostuff:

Mnoki - Nightshifts (mp3-release on 2003
Mnoki - Trees In Movement (mp3-release on 2004


Blogger god bless the orchid eaters said...

oh johan, yours is the most exciting, satisfying, beautiful music i have come across in memory.

i am so happy you are out there!!!

i made a mix and used "gloomy sunday" in it, i hope that's ok. if not, i'd be glad to take down the mix and give you my deepest, humblest apologies.

i hope you like the mix, though. i am so excited to be able to share it with you:

8:37 PM  
Blogger johan said...

Thank you so much!!

Of course it's ok for you to use it, no problem at all.

I'll have a look at the mix next week when I'm home!.

take care!

8:51 AM  

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