Tuesday, October 24, 2006


My new ep "Études" is now online and ready for you to download over at


Études is five short selections cut out from longer recordings made in Malmö during the summer of 06.

The main idea behind Études was that I wanted to make music that you would mainly feel, not so much hear. Put on a really highpitched sound in any room and you will get reactions, strong reactions. With so much noise and music surrounding us everyday we've become very resistant and acclimatized to sounds in general. Today we turn on the ipod to get some sort of peace and quiet. I also find a tremendous beauty inside these sounds, and the way they seem to block out everything else when you listen to them. The process was mixing desk-feedback fed through stompboxes and laptop. No postediting/processing except mastering and selecting the right parts.

Johan Gustavsson, October 2006

It's quite a rough listen so be careful.



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