Sunday, October 08, 2006

by number & skill

things are moving, i'm moving. lot's to do and a new job.
going to do two shows in october in gothenburg, both at nefertiti.

the first one is on the 18th, on Once We Were's "secret" releaseparty for their new fantastic doublealbum "Contra". They've asked me to remix the whole shebang and
perform that. It's been a real treat working with this stuff, It'll be a great evening.

There's also two new mp3-releases coming up. The first is "Here's your precious guitar!", a 4-track ep I recorded in 2003 but that didn't find it's way out there.It will be released on glitchpunkyouth. more info on where soon.
It's all built upon samples from a poor guitar I manhandled during a scraps of tape-show sometime back then. I felt really bad after I broke it so I decided to do
something positive out of it and here we are; Here's Your Precious Guitar!

The other one is also an mp3-ep entitled "Études" and it will be availabe on komplott, but more info on that when it's time.

what jolts my bolts:

once we were - contra
converge - no heroes
stephan mathieu - the sad mac
black cross - art offensive
cursed - two
albert ayler - love cry
wolf eyes - dog jaw
wolf eyes & anthony braxton - black vomit
the dicks - dicks hate the police 7"
ass+tape - live at nefertiti
bad brains - banned in dc


Blogger J Neij said...

äsch, ständigt dessa högintressanta nätter i GBG och Malmö... Hur vore det med lite gig i Sthlm för en gångs skull?! ;-) Flörta in dig hos Ugglan, vetja!

Ser iaf mkt framemot de kommande släppen så länge medan Née fortf håller mig varm nu när hösten börjar ge sig till känna på allvar!

3:52 AM  
Blogger johan said...

åh tack johan! Kanske det blir ugglan får se! :)

6:42 AM  

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