Thursday, June 15, 2006

every day it's a getting closer...

There. Finished w/ recording the new scraps of tape-album. It took turns we didn't expect it to and I think it might surprise some people. Left me with an incredible itch to make some music of my own and w/ my other projects. We've been focusing so hard on this album I almost can't stand to hear it right now. It'll come around I'm sure.

Spent the last few days in the woods, working. Had to put down one of my parents old dogs 2 days ago. His name was Pompe and he was around 18 years. He's been around all my life and it feels oddly empty without him around. The last 2 years he was getting worse tho so now he's in doggy-heaven for sure if there is one. I miss you.
My trusty old laptop is on it's last legs also, but I might order a new one in just a couple of weeks. We'll see. Cursing myself for forgetting my charger for the ipod so it's oddly musicfree right now. Silence is good.

Have a couple of shows coming up the upcoming months. First it's The Forma Nova Festival in Fredericia, Denmark on the 6-8 July. I'll perform as Tsukimono but also with Alina and Viktor Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble.

Then it's The Full Pull Festival in Malmoe, Sweden 1-3 September. I'll probably do a collaboration with a musician that I really respect 100%, everything's not really worked out but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks to Mathias Oldén for 11 fine days. Kapten.


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