Monday, March 13, 2006

iDEAL 2006

So, back home from an amazing weekend in gothenburg. I got to see alot of great acts that I've wanted to see for a long time, like Wolf Eyes, Earth, William Basinski and Fe-mail. I got to see some things I'd seen before and enjoyed, like Sunn0))), Mats Gustafsson and Pär Thörn. And I also got to enjoy some amazing new stuff, like Gregg Kowalsky(who's music I somewhat know but not all of it), Mark Wastell and CM von Hausswolff. Sadly I also missed a few things that I really would've liked to see like Leif Elggren and Goodiepal but hey, what can you do?

Our gig with Viktor Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble went ok I think, I really didn't have to do to much to feel content with my contribution to the overall sound. Viktor had really given us good directions and material to work with so everything more or less fell into place by itself. I also got to enjoy the ending of our second piece in silence, just listening to Björn on piano and viktor on laptop weaving an amazing web of toneclusters and layers of pure white light. thanks guys!

The first edition of my kning Disk release(see below) "Two Hearts Beats Slower Than One/Two Heartbeats Slower Than One" sold out on the second day of the festival too, but a second edition of 28 is coming up.

I will also be playing some records on the next distro in malmö on the 26th of march. Playing is Auton and Dwayne Sodahberk. You should go.


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