Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bring Da Ruckus!


it's been a while since my last always. I'll try to be more up to date in the future, but don't count on it.

Shit's been moving & stirring the last couple of months. The Scraps Of Tape as-yet-to-be untitled second album is coming together real nicely. The stuff we're writing at the moment is by far the best shit we've ever done! About 4 tracks are ready and we're really looking forward to the april/may tour and getting to see how all the new stuff comes across to people! Here's the tourdates btw:

26.04. Dresden/AZConni + This is your captain speaking
27.04. Braunschweig/Nexus + Shutcombo
28.04. Chemnitz/AJZ + Iona
29.04. Berlin/Schokoladen + Iona
30.04. Schwalmstadt/Die Bar + d.h., Woyzeck
01.05. Lübeck/Walli-Maifest

Last Weekend was a real treat, with Viktor Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble rehearsals för the iDEAL-Festival which takes place in gothenburg on the 10-12th of March. Be sure to check it out!-->

I played live with Tsukimono at "På Besök", a new bar/café in malmoe that is shaping up to be on of the greatest places this year! The gig was real nice, got me into doing tsuki-stuff again.

We also played live with Alina, our new super-group. I must say that the Alina-gigs of late has been some of the most rewarding and interesting live-experiences that I've ever had. Thanks guys! We released a cd-r on a couple of weeks ago, check it out. it sounds really good!

The evening was really nice indeed! Thanks Gustaf!!

We also recorded new material with The Roaring. It resulted in a album with the title "Listenable" which is even sparser than "The Famous Solo" and indeed darker. Tho' not corny i'm-dangerous-dark...just darker. We'll see what happens with that. some sort of release will happen...I guarantee that.

I will also be performing with Tsukimono at Småland Nation on the 12th of April, so keep that day free!!

Coming up:

Tsukimono release on

keep checking in! I'll do what I can to update this shite...



Blogger kreidenweiss said...

is there anything yet released on ?
is " listanable" or "famous solo" yet released anywhere?
are there any releases or mp3s of alina anywhere?
best kreidenweiss

6:01 AM  
Blogger johan said...

hey sorry about the superlate answer!

There's one release available right now on Kalligrammofon. And that's the super-album of Viktor Sjöberg. My new album "Née" has finally arrived in sweden and will be released soon.

About The Roaring, nothing has been released yet but for a cd-r of "The Famous Solo" which is sold out. Listenable is still not fully decided on f it will be a release or what.

Alina has a cdr on kalligrammofon to and we'll see what happens on that. We're performing at the Full Pull 06 -festival in malmö on 1-3 september and perhaps there will be something to buy there.

Again, sorry for the really late reply.
best johan

3:52 AM  

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